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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Jesus said: “A new command I give you: love one another.

As I have loved you, so you must love one another”.  John 13 v. 34

We believe that pastoral care, which is the expression of Christian love, is the responsibility of us all.  It is our aim that every member of the church family will both receive and give care as part of their Christian calling.

Welcome.  We trust you received a warm welcome here, especially if you are a visitor.  There is provision for children at each of our services and there are special facilities for the disabled.  Please stay to chat over a cup of coffee between the Sunday services.  If you would like someone to pray with you, members of the Prayer Ministry team will be at the front of the church.

Belonging.  Being a member of a small group means that you get to know each other well, growing in faith and fellowship with mutual support and encouragement.    Our Cell Groups are the primary focus of pastoral care and will be there for you in times of need.

Other groups within the church offer pastoral care: Friday lunch club, Living Room and Mothers’ Union, which welcomes everyone to its monthly meetings.  Mothers’ Union cares not only for its own members, but is active in the local community and in the wider world.

Caring for others. We believe that every member of the church family will engage to some extent in visiting, prayer and general support for others.  We encourage involvement with existing community groups such as residents’ associations, Scouts, U3A, Community Choir, so that we have a voice in the community, are there for people when they need us and can share the love of Jesus on a personal basis.

Pastoral visiting team.  There is a small team of trained visitors who are able to provide support where there is special need, such as bereavement.  Members operate both within the church family and in the community, where they are identified as representing the church.  For this reason, membership of the group is approved by the Vicar.

Home Communion.  We aim to keep in contact with those who are unable to attend worship services, especially the housebound and those in residential care.  Home Communion can be offered if you are housebound temporarily, e.g. following a major illness or permanently.

For more information:

Pastoral Care Coordinator:  Ann George           shirley.george3@ntlworld.com

Curate:   01782 857963  Rev’d Andy Morgan   curate@trenthamchurch.org.uk

Church office: 01782 658110                              administrator@trenthamchurch.org.uk